The Woman Consumer

Focus on women

767664912Fitness EM knows women. Developing and marketing women’s products for nearly 20 years has allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the woman consumer, her fitness preferences, and her purchasing habits. Ongoing market and consumer research has allowed Fitness EM to develop products, programming, and marketing support women find engaging and effective.

Women exercise for different reasons than men.

Women have different fitness need and goals than their male counterparts. Women are also more likely to work out at home than men. Fitness EM develops products that are ergonomically designed for a woman’s body, attractive, and compact. We develop time-efficient  programming that is designed for women to gain strength and endurance without gaining bulk.

The woman is the primary shopper of most US households.

She controls over 85% of all consumer purchasing. She is the primary purchaser of small fitness equipment & accessories (NSGA).