Product Innovation

HulaGirl2We create products that are simple and elegant. Our products and accompanying workouts make exercise realistic, accessible and fun for women. Since Fitness EM began we have created hundreds of products and exercise programs exclusively for this demographic.

Our current product line spans key fitness categories including strength training, toning, core training, walking, cardio, yoga, Pilates, and stress relief. Products come with a complete exercise program to encourage product use, and direct users to our highly interactive for additional workouts as well as fitness, wellness, and nutritional expertise.

Along with creating innovative and functional products for women, we also take pride in developing compelling female friendly packaging to engage women at point of sale. We hold several patents for the design and innovation of our products and packaging.

Before placing a product on the retail shelf we conduct both scientific and consumer research to ensure it produces results at point of sale and beyond. We enhance our products both aesthetically and functionally by incorporating consumer feedback.
Our lab testing is done in collaboration with The Auburn University Exercise Lab to ensure our products meet the performance standards and results we promise our consumers.